Overcoming your Creative and Writing Blocks — 10 Journaling Tips

  • Creative activity is an effective strategy against stress because it requires focus, and prevents one from being preoccupied with stressful thoughts
  • When people are feeling most deeply and happily engaged in their work, they’re more likely to be productive
  1. First, stop what you’re doing and thinking right now, and scan your body. Feel present, here and now, and feel your breathing.
  2. Open your notebook and set your intention : how can you be more creative today ?
  3. Try to remember yourself at kindergarten when you were still creative and ask your journal this question : what stopped you from being creative as an adult ? Write every anecdote, memory and block that comes up.
  4. Now, choose to relax and to open a new door in your brain, write down everything that you would love to create : drawing, painting, chanting, dancing, cooking, writing…. Write all your ideas down and feel them as you’re creating them now. Open your creative container, unleash your imagination and amplify it with your writing.
  5. Now it’s time to take action and to commit with yourself : write down the next art you will do, and just do it ! It doesn’t have to be big or perfect (or even to look pretty), it just has to make you feel good.
  1. Start with “baby steps”. Whether it’s 1 word, 1 doodle, 1 scribble or 1 drawing mark, it doesn’t matter. You’re training your creative muscle that you haven’t used properly for a long time
  2. Set up your own creative space, choose the best time for you during the day, use your favorite notebook, pen, art supply….
  3. Be compassionate with yourself and nurture your inner critic in your journal : why do you criticise, judge and censor yourself ?
  4. Break down your creative ideas into small projects : what is the next one ? Focus on it.
  5. Your art is like your fingerprint, it’s unique. So practice and find your own signature….



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