Emotional Freedom Journaling (17 prompts)

Practice emotional release with me and your notebook

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Hello, Amandine here ;)

Today I would like to talk with you about the most transformative aspect of writing therapy, which is the release and the transformation of your emotions into authenticity — to no longer be limited by your inner prison, your emotional prison.

Yes, I would like us to discuss these “tricky” moments when you feel “triggered” by life, people, events…. When you feel overwhelmed and emotionally tired, exhausted, by the situations that occur around you (and inside you).

First, I’m here to tell you that I understand you, 1000%. I am like you. I have always been emotionally sensitive, since childhood. I have tried many therapies and I have collaborated with 100+ therapists.

But since January 2018, something new has appeared in my life.

Every morning, I open my notebook to free myself and to realize myself. I write my favorite reality, magic happens, I reveal myself, I unfold my mission thought my own words but….

If I’m totally honest with myself, most days, I am shaken by intense emotions that sometimes I don’t even know where they come from.

I had to find a way to free myself, and I actually found much more.

I have experimented and created a method of Emotional Liberation Transformation through writing. And that’s what I want to share with you today ;) You’re ready ?!

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Disclaimer :

What we are gonna to do now is not only finding inner safety, calming and understanding your emotions, It will also guide you transforming them into new feelings and behaviors that are much more useful and positive (to build the life and relationships you wish).

So prepare your notebook and let’s experience it together :)

The exercise will take you a few minutes and you can do it again whenever you feel anxiety, fear, anger or sadness, ok?!

Release and Emotional Transformation throught your writing in 17 steps

  1. Start by grounding your feet on the ground, opening your posture, connecting your head to your creativity, inhaling on 4 and exhaling on 4, at your own pace
  2. Keep breathing slowly and deeply to connect with your body and to feel safe
  3. Keep your energy high, open your notebook and write your intention for the day : what is the emotion, feeling or anxiety that you wish to release and transform today?
  4. Then go down even more inside you, and listen even more to your emotions, without any judgment : what is happening inside you right now?
  5. Slowly start writing your feelings (remember that you are completely safe and free, that no one is going to read your notebook)
  6. Freely write down all your feelings of the moment, everything that stresses you out, all your fears, and even the worst-case scenarios that unconsciously scare you
  7. Then clearly name your emotions to decrease their charge : do you rather feel fear, anger, frustration, guilt, shame, loneliness, or is it a mix of feelings ?
  8. Is it rather an impostor syndrome, a lack of self-confidence, a sense of loss, or grief ? Take your time to write the words that resonate the most with your emotional pain
  9. Then refine the description of your inner state even more to dissolve it : what limits you? blocks you? Prevents you from moving forward exactly ?
  10. Then, a super important element to regulate your nervous system is : What are your reactions when these emotions are triggered ? What are their consequences in your life and your relationships ?
  11. Know that your emotions are intelligent, they are there for you, for a good reason, to help you move in the right direction, to give you a message from your unconscious for you to take action more consciously : So what is this message ?
  12. And what action can you take today to decrease your emotional charge ? What decision or micro changes can you make to achieve your today’s intention ?
  13. How can your emotional alarm help you grow and become more authentic, more you?
  14. How can your emotions help you drop your masks, your protections to show up the way you really are?
  15. What unmet needs reveal these emotions ? And how can you ensure that your needs are met, taken care of ?
  16. How can you become, today, the creator of your life instead of being the victim of your emotions ?
  17. Now, the last step in this process : What is your best idea or creative solution to turn your emotional charge into something lighter, more joyful and more useful ? Write this solution down and commit with yourself to putting it into action today, okay ?

And of course, don’t forget to repeat this exercise and to reread your notebook tomorrow and the days after to witness your emotional freedom….

Strong emotions, anxiety and fear are like a trance, which it is important to learn how to get out of,

and getting out of your emotional trance, is what I guided you to do in this blog and on my YouTube channel, Amandine Mas Writing Meditation

Thank you for your trust and your courage to write your emotions to transform them into freedom and authenticity.

I wish you a very beautiful week, emotionally and creatively free, ]

Amandine Mas — Writing Meditation Coach on https://www.amandinemas.com/fr

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> Watch the video “Emotional Journaling Prompts (Emotinoal Healing with your Notebook

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