Emotional Freedom in 4 steps with Intuitive Writing (journaling for highly sensitive)

Guided intuitive writing prompts to shift from anxiety to creativity

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Hello Amandine here,

This article will make your life more beautiful when you feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and emotions, when they bother you in your life, in your job, in your relationships, despite all the work you’ve been doing on yourself for years , if you feel like you are fighting against yourself….

I’m here to tell you that I’m like you, I’m a highly sensitive person since childhood, since the age of 5 and I want to tell you that there is nothing unfair :

All these thoughts and emotions are there FOR you, to help you and not to punish you. You just need to a “user guide”, to achieve beautiful things with all your sensitivity, to get out of your inner, mental and emotional struggle, and explore your hyper potential

Personally, I felt emotionally misunderstood for 3 decades, and I waited to collaborate with 100+ therapists and coaches who taught me psychology, neuroscience and also emotional intelligence, to realising in 2018 that my number 1 need, non-negotiable, today, is :

To create a bubble of calm, for myself, every morning, to create my own inner security, and to write down what I cannot see and understand inside me, that are my thoughts and my emotions.

Watch the video : Emotional Freedom in 4 steps with Intuitive Writing (journaling for highly sensitive)

Internal security is the number 1 need of sensitive people.

It allows you to reconnect with yourself instead of giving your precious energy to others.

And that’s what I’m going to share with you now…..

The first step in my practice and my teaching in emotional coaching is what I call the 4-step energy bubble to find inner security on your own, without expecting anything from anyone :

  1. Start by taking a break in your bubble, to make an appointment with yourself, in a place that you like. I invite you to create this place, like a bubble, a cocoon, to feel both safe and creative, because creativity is one of the many talents ignored by HS….
  2. Visualise an image that you like and that connect you with your potential. It can be your creativity, your intuition, your senses…. Personally, I visualise my inner world, my originality under my masks, my singularity. You can imagine what you want, because once again, highly sensitive people have a capacity enormous imagination, creativity and visualisation
  3. Then go down and connect with your body, your breathing, the pleasure of being there, enjoy this ability to connect to your own pleasure, (another of the multiple highly sensitive persons abilities)
  4. And now explore your interiority and your intuition, your capacities, your ideas for the day, by asking your unconscious mind (another huge asset of hyper sensitives !)

And to get in touch with your intuition, the best way accessible to all that I have ever tested is a notebook, a simple notebook….

Let’s practice intuitive writing together !

…. So take a notebook and express your emotions and thoughts, explore yourself, have fun, find your joy and your sensitivity that you have mistreated so much….

My best tip is :

You can write, depending on the day and your mood, everything you perceive of the good inner world, very rich, to relieve or exalt it.

  • Some days you may want to write about what I call your “inner animals”, your emotions, your “volcanoes”, your anger (before they explode…), your frustrations, your sadness, your helplessness, your unconscious fears that society tells us to keep to ourselves, your wounds, inner conflicts, your inner critic, your inner dictator, your inner impostor
  • And you will feel that the more you write, the more your emotions dissolve like sugar in a glass of water because they have been listened to, so you will be able to move on…..
  • And some days, you will want to write about your visions, your experiences, your projects, your relationships but also your limits, your rules of the game, your visions of things, your visionary ideas, your misunderstandings of certain situations to better integrate them. and to move forward more freely, while making your contribution

I recommend to go into your creative bubble for a few minutes a day and write down your intentions for the day, every day, to regulate your internalised insecurities, and to build up your confidence in yourself and your potential as a Highly Sensitive Person ;)

If you want to know more about writing your intentions and intuitive writing, I put below several links to access videos, podcasts and audios to download.

Explore, test, experiment and share your experiences with me, ok?!

Thank you for your trust and courage and see you next week.

Amandine Mas — Emotional Freedom Coach with Writing on https://www.amandinemas.com

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