Beyond the emotions, the thoughts and the physical tensions…..

4 Journaling Prompts to Improve your Health

The world is changing and as we’re exposed to many stressors everyday (internet distractions, air and noise pollution, loneliness….),

It seemed to me like the perfect moment to share my Holistic Health Journaling Routine (in less than 5 minutes).

As you may know, Holistic Health looks for remedies beyond the physical aspect of your health, and also addresses the emotional, spiritual, and mental levels.

And you’ve probably noticed that when you combine all of these 4 levels, it enables you to live each day healthier and happier.

However, when one area is compromised, the others often are too…

So what I’m doing every morning with my journal is what I call a “Holistic Check-in”.

I start with a short meditation (which I’ll share with you in the Writing Meditation Workbook),

then I check my physical body first, followed by my emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

If something is triggering me, I open my notebook and free write about it…..

Because mindful writing is nothing other than a conversation with your subconscious mind, your body, your soul and your heart,

here are my 4 favourite Holistic Health Journaling Prompts :

Prompt 1 : How do you feel in your physical body ? Any pain, tension, ache ? What kind of rest, food, exercise and extra care do you need to feel better ?

Prompt 2 : How do you feel emotionally ? Any anger, sadness, anxiety today ? What are the causes and what mindfulness practice can calm you right now ? What activity would bring you the most joy ?

Prompt 3 : How do you feel mentally ? Any uncomfortable, repetitive, toxic thoughts that exhaust you ? What can you learn to grow your mindset, to overcome your negativity and to find creative solutions ?

Prompt 4 : How do you feel spiritually ? Are you connected to you soul and real desires, or do you do things to please others ? How can you realign with your purpose ? Can you get into nature or spend extra minutes meditating ?

My friend,

Today, it has become obvious that it’s our responsibility to take care of our general health and wellness.

Our post-Covid world is a new place where self healing is more than ever a must have skill.

I’m committed to share with you my optimism about this new global reality.

I feel this need to share because we also live in a world where self healing practices have never been so available to all of us.

Writing Meditation is one of them.

I’ve created this new kind of mindfulness tool from all the healing modalities I’ve learnt with my holistic therapists clients for 7 years.

It’s with this tool that I want to assist you in strengthening your Holistic Health and Wellness in the next Writing Meditation Workbook.

I’ve designed this 2-step mindful writing method to :

  • Reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of insecurity
  • Decrease physical tensions, stiffness, aches and chronic pain
  • Manage and release strong emotions
  • Transform overweight into conscious eating and drinking
  • Turn addictions and self-destruction habits into a nourishing life
  • Shift from negativity and complaining to creativity\
  • Increase your self confidence and leadership
  • Boost your immune system (the best vaccine)

I’ll see you there

Amandine Mas

Journaling and Manifesting Coach And Founder of Writing Meditation Workshops in Bangkok

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Writing Meditation Coach, it’s my pleasure to guide you to transform your anxiety in creativity (and purpose) with the combined power of Writing and Meditation.